Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Home Alone

We watched the movie Home Alone with the girls tonight for a change of pace from the standard holiday movies.  We thought they would get a kick out of a kid being left home alone around the holidays and pulling a lot of pranks on the 2 guys trying to rob the house.  They were excited to see the movie.

We got a lot of questions during the movie with the most prominent one being "how could they forget the boy at home?"  We had to explain that it wasn't all that hard because there were over 20 people in the house and the woke up late for their flight which made it fairly easy to forget a sleeping kid in a room all by himself.  Taylor was able to pick up on the fact that the boy was the youngest of the family which is when she clearly thought about what would happen if this happened to us.  What she said next was great.  Could be innocent if you take it literally or could be something different if you live with Avery on a daily basis.

"We wouldn't get very far without realizing Avery wasn't with us."


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